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The Columbus Public Schools Foundation is honored to award scholarships to graduating seniors each year. The scholarship program allows seniors financial opportunity to pursue educational growth. On behalf of Columbus Public Schools, we would like to thank the individual donors for these scholarships and for investing in our student’s lives.

Click on the Word Document below to access the 2017-2018 Scholarship Application
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Congratulations to the 2017 Scholarship Recipients!

$5,000 Nielsen Family Scholarship – Lucas Bogus

$2,500 Anton Micek/Vincent Mausbach Memorial Scholarship – Averi Devish

$2,000 Class of 1940 War Memorial Scholarship – Alli Reinke

$1,500 Anton Micek/Vincent Mausbach Memorial Scholarship – Kyle Anderson

$1,500 Christopher John Saalfeld Memorial Scholarship – Trent Meister

$1,500 Edward M. Nielsen Jr. & Sr. Memorial Scholarship – Daniel Kruger

$1,000 Anton Micek/Vincent Mausbach Memorial Scholarship – Caitlin Broekemeier

$1,000 Speice Scholarship – Jesse Osborn

$1,000 Edward A. Babka Scholarship – Alycin Braun

$1,000 Wilson-Covert Centennial Scholarship – Melvin Garcia and Rachel Klatt

$875 Joyce Malena Memorial Scholarship for Female Students – Caitlyn Bartholomew

$515 Duncan Elementary PTO Scholarship – Savannah Cheloha and Harrison Weyers

$500 Columbus United Federal Credit Union  Scholarship- Karissa Sims

$500 Discoverer Athletic Hall of Fame Scholarship – Allison Goos and Eric Hanzel

$250 Pinnacle Bank Scholarship – Mitchell Kuhlman

$250 Pinnacle Bank Central Community College Scholarship – Kaylee Johnson

$250 Todd Schlender Memorial Scholarship – Weston Martensen

Award a Scholarship

Creating a memorial, individual, or business scholarship with the Foundation is very simple. To inquire about awarding a scholarship contact Kim Kwapnioski at 402-563-7000 ext. 13085 or visit the Foundation office located in the CPS Administration Building located at 2508 27th St.

CPS Foundation Scholarship Benefits: 

  • Assistance in creating scholarship criteria

  • Information passed on to students by school counselors and assemblies

  • Advertisement in newsletters, social media, Foundation and CPS website

  • Applications become anonymous to the selection committee by a coded number system

  • Supervision of the selection process to ensure fairness

  • Funds are distributed directly to the educational institution to ensure criteria is met

  • Donors are invited to present the scholarship