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Last spring two teachers came together with one really big dream. It is a dream to truly ‘engage all learners to achieve success’ by meeting the unique needs of students with motor difficulties. Will you consider joining us to take up the cause for these special students? The dream is big. The cost is high. The kids are worth it!



Columbus Public Schools (CPS) and our community partners intend to build an inclusive community playground at Lost Creek Elementary School in Columbus, Nebraska. The purpose of this project is to create a play environment that will serve the physical, social, sensory, cognitive and emotional needs of all children in the community, regardless of ability or disability. It will be a place where children with special needs can spin, swing, slide and roll alongside their friends; a place where they are not defined by their disability but by the joy, laughter and play of childhood.  



Presently, the nearest inclusive playgrounds are located in Omaha (83.5 miles) and Kearney (115 miles). Families of children with special needs living in Columbus do not have access to a place where their children can play safely and freely. All children deserve to experience the thrill and escapism of meaningful physical play. Our driving force for building this playground is to show children with significant needs and their families that they are supported, valued and loved for who they are. We want to give them a place where they can play freely and safely alongside their friends. These beautiful children are forced to fight a daily battle of living with a disability in a world that is notLC playground 1designed to accommodate them. We seek to provide them with equal access and participation in play opportunities, to increase understanding and acceptance, and to build common ground between children of all abilities.



Our goal is to raise funds through the 2015-2016 school year and break ground for the inclusive community playground in the summer of 2016. Ultimately, however, we will build once the needed funds have been secured. We intend to apply for grants, conduct fundraisers and solicit local donations. In addition to building a fully accessible playground, we will also resurface an adjacent playground. The proposed budget is $310,000. We will use a people-centered, community build approach in order to garner community wide support; increase awareness and community understanding of inclusive play; and provide a socially inclusive environment for all children.



Yes! We need your help! If you would like to join us in making this dream a reality we have several ways you can help. Here is what we need:


PEOPLE willing to donate a lot or a little. $310,000 is a large goal but it is  not unattainable if we join together in a united effort to make this dream a reality.

LC Inclusive playground 4VOLUNTEERS when it comes to the building phase. We will be doing a community build option in order to save on labor costs.

WORD OF MOUTH to spread the dream as far and wide as possible. The more people we have supporting this dream the better.





If you have questions or other ideas for how you’d like to help please contact:

Megan Johnson


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