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The CPS Foundation issued these grants
for the 2013-2014 school year. 

DSC_0064Literacy Enrichment Activity Kits for West Park Elementary
Improving reading early in a student’s educational journey will help students succeed not only in early grades, but also throughout their time at Columbus Public Schools. To prepare students for reading assessment tests and to support reading, kindergarten literacy enrichment kits will be provided for students to use as they build upon their reading literacy skills and become more ready for reading. The kits include puzzles, books, letter dominoes, and blocks and can be used for a wide range of hands-on activities to engage the students through sight, sound and touch.


Preschool Curriculum for Students with Special Needs
Children with special needs can struggle within a general education classroom. The goal for this project will be to assist various educators in creating and executing lessons that include children with special needs. The curriculum offers differentiated instruction techniques and various assistive technology devices that allow educators to adjust the activities for every ability level. The Play & Learn Curriculum will be the first specialized program to focus on preschoolers with special needs providing ways to alter lessons for varying abilities.


Book Explorers at North Park Elementary
Students participating in this lunchtime book club will use Kindles to read books and look up unknown/unfamiliar words and keep journals about the books they read. Students will also develop more frequency and experience different genres of books. The Kindles will engage students in reading with the use of technology and help students reach proficiency with vocabulary development.


Squeezer for Lost Creek and CMS A+ Programs
This project consists of purchasing sensory equipment to be used in the elementary and middle school A+ programs. This equipment will help meet the sensory needs of students in our district that are affected by autism spectrum disorders. Many students with autism experience sensory disregulation that can be caused by several things in their environment, e.g., noise, lights, smells, that may not be able to be avoided but cause stress that inhibits their learning. It is important to find ways to decrease that stress and meet their sensory needs. These squeezers provide input to their sensory systems that can be very calming and comforting, helping them come back to an optimal state for learning and instruction.

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