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End of the school year

Hopefully, the snow has ended and the end of the school year calendar can be set.

The last day for students will be June 1, 2018.

Elementary and High School Dismissal will be 11:45.

Middle School Dismissal will be 12:00. There will be extended academic time for students at the MS only the afternoon of June 1st if they have not completed all requirements.

    Purchase or Check in The District-Issued MacBook Air

    At the conclusion of the 2017-18 school year, students at Columbus High School will have an opportunity to purchase only their district-issued MacBook Air.  Students will NOT be permitted to purchase additional devices. Students will receive new devices next fall. The Macbook Airs will not work on the district network next year.

    Students must return the bill of sale and waiver of claims signed by their parent/guardian the day of purchase. This purchase includes the as-is student device, duckhead, power cord, extension cord assuming student has them.

    Students not interested in purchasing their device, will check in device and accessories.  ALL students will need to turn in the district-issued black computer bag and pouch whether they plan to check-in or purchase their device.  Students will still be assessed and responsible for damages or missing accessories.

    Cost for Computer:  

    • $250 Cash -No checks accepted

    • $257 Credit Card (includes transaction fee and all major credit cards accepted)

    Purchasing will be a part of the regular check-in process for all students.  Senior check-in/purchase day will begin on May 23. Freshman, sophomore, and junior students will begin check-in and/or purchases the afternoon of May 31 and morning June 1 as assigned.  

    Please click here to download the MacBook Air Computer Purchase Plan

    Laptop Check-in/Purchase Announcement

    Seniors, on Wednesday, May 23rd, as you complete the final check-out-of-school process, one important step in that process will be turning in your laptop, charging cords and bag or you may opt to purchase your laptop now that the school district has decided to offer you that opportunity.

    This process will take place in the IMC, all throughout the day, on Wednesday, May 23rd. When you reach the point in the day when you will no longer require the use of your student laptop, you may come to the Media Center to either check it in or purchase it.

    If you decide to …

    Check-In the Laptop

    1. You will report to the Check-In line in the IMC
    2. You will be required to turn in the laptop, charging cords, duckhead and two-piece bag.
    3. If, during pre-inspection, you were informed of damage for which you would be responsible, you will need to pay that invoice at the time you check in your device. Failure to do so, will impact participation in graduation activities.
    4. Once all items have been returned to the Tech Department staff and it is verified that no financial debt is owed, they will initial your pink check-out form and that step of the check-out process is completed.

    If you decide to …

    Purchase the Laptop

    1. You will report to the Purchase line in the IMC.
    2. You will be required to turn in your black, two-piece computer bag. Failure to do so, will result in a fine being assessed that will have to be paid prior to taking part in graduation activities.
    3. You will keep your charging cords and duckhead but will turn over your laptop to be reset to original factory configuration. Once this is done, your laptop will no longer be able to access the CPS-District WiFi network. All non-Apple, additional software such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud or user-added apps will also be removed.
    4. You will pay for your laptop at this time and sign and turn in the waiver form you were provided with parent signature. The cost of the laptop is $250.00 cash or $257.00 via credit card. It will be payable via cash or credit card at the time of purchase.
    5. Once you have completed these steps, your pink form will be initialed and that step of the check-out process is completed.

    Students in Grades 9, 10 and 11…

    1. You will follow the same two options, but you will check-in or purchase your device in the cafeteria. You will be called to the cafeteria by grade-level beginning with juniors on the afternoon of May 31st and then sophomores and freshmen as time allows until all students have turned in or purchased devices, by noon on June 1st.
    2. You will not have a pink form to fill out as you will not be checking-out of school for the final time.

    No student will be permitted to purchase a device other than the single device currently assigned to that student.

    Senior Graduation Information

    Click here to see the May 1, 2018 Parent/Guardian letter regarding upcoming event dates and times.

    Graduation is on Sunday, May 27th in the Columbus High School competition gym at 3:00 p.m.

    The above map shows the seating for graduation. There will be room for six people in the parents and family area per graduate. General seating is open to all and is located in the north bleachers. There will also be open seating available in the concert hall.