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CHS will be presenting the musical State Fair Nov. 10 and 11 at the Nantkes Performing Arts Center at CMS.

Showtimes are 7 p.m. both Friday and Saturday, and there will also be a 2 p.m. performance Saturday. Tickets are $5. People with passes and students with C-Stamps will get in free.

The play is about a family that attends the 1945 Iowa State Fair.  The father, Abel Frake, is hoping that his prized Berkshire Boar wins him a five dollar bet with his neighbor by bringing home a blue ribbon.  The mother, Melissa Frake, seeks to end the longtime stranglehold on the fair’s pickles and minced meat competitions by bringing home a blue ribbon of her own.  Abel and Melissa’s son, Wayne, is hoping to find love after his girlfriend, Eleanor, informs him of her intentions to attend nursing school in the fall, and Margy, Abel and Melissa’s daughter, attends the fair looking for an answer to whether or not she will agree to marry her longtime beau, Harry.

The following are members of the cast: Abel Frake: Dawson Jurado; Melissa Frake: Hannah Haynes; Wayne Frake: Ryan Sims; Margy Frake: Natalie Raimondo; Emily Arden: Jessie Nelson; Pat Gilbert: Gabe Moseman; Charlie: Coden Prokopoec; Harry: Mitchell Norris; Eleanor: Alli Hyde; Dave Miller: Coden Prokopoec; Gus: Mason Dahlke; Hank Munson: Joshua Reiff; Clay: Frank Villegas; Lem: Liam Barcel;

The Fairtones: Persephone Earle, Reagan Gausman, Laura Muñoz and Sandra Wood; Mrs. Edwin Metcalf of Pottsville: Mackenzie Novak; Judge Heppenstahl: Reagan Gausman; Vivian: Jaina Ervin; Jeanne: Lydia Johnson; Hoop-La Barker: Melany Donaghue; The Fair Announcer: Mr. Woodside; The Astounding Stralenko: Fernando Ortiz; The Chief of Police: Monserrat Huitron; Violet: Karissa Gleeson; 2 Roustabouts: Mason Dahlke and Fernando Ortiz; Barkers, Vendors, Judges, and Fairgoers: Liam Barcel, Cassie Campbell,  Mason Dahlke, Melany Donaghue, Persephone Earle, Jaina Ervin, Reagan Gausman, Karissa Gleeson, Aaliyah Grafe, Christina Harrin, Sophia Higgenbotham, Monserrat Huitron, Alli Hyde, Lydia Johnson, Caitlin McKee, Laura Muñoz, Mackenzie Novak, Fernando Ortiz, Sarai Pacheco, Frank Villegas, Libby Wurdeman and Sandra Wood.

Members of the crew included: Stage Manager: Hannah Shaw; Sound Design: Jayden Boesch; Light Design: Kaylyn Beyer; Master Carpenter: Paul Hernandez; Spotlights: Dakota Miller and Shelby Peters; Devon Aldana, Jessica Allen, Zach Bruce, Alex Casillas, Leslie Castillo, Amanda Daugaard, Cassie Ellis, Perla Izaguirre, Caitlin Jahn, MaKenzy Johnston, Erik Matson, Kaitlyn Meyer, Cole Oppliger, Jessica Reiff and Mayra Vargas-Nuno.

This Rodgers and Hammerstein classic is fun for the whole family!  Don’t miss it!  Don’t even be late!